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Annapurna stotram

These verses were composed by Shankaracharya Maharaj There is a story that Lord Shankar talked about the illusory nature of the world. Now the word , the world is an illusion is grossly misunderstood. Yes we can say it is an illusion when you no longer have a body. But while you have a body …

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Power of a true smile

You Have Power; You Do Not Use It………. “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” Do you think that you have been completely unsettled by circumstances– ruffled, shattered, whipped, lacking power? Banish such thoughts! You have power; you do not use it. You have all the power you need. There is nothing greater than the power of the mind. Resurrect your …

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Wisdom or Gyana

When Wisdom comes, her first lesson is, “There is no such thing as knowledge; there are only apercus of the Infinite Deity.” Sri Aurobindo. Here the word wisdom refers to experiencing God. Everything else including bookish knowledge of God is considered Avidya or ignorance Apercus means entertainment To say this more clearly Once you have …

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