A benevolent God

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Someone asked a question – rather made a statement

But first a few words

Omnipotent – all powerful everywhere

Omniscient- knowing all

So the sentence is

If God is omniscient and Omnipotent then he is not benevolent

And if he is benevolent then he is not Omniscient and omnipotent

It should be obvious why this sentence was there

It is like making a statement, if there is a God why is there so much misery

Now this is a valid statement.

How do you resolve this?

First, just forget God. That is not your goal

What you want is peace and happiness. This question people pose – when you try to answer you will ponder and argue and debate. First stop that line of reasoning or thinking

Second, if you truly want an answer go and ask God. Why take an answer from intellectual debates

Third this question can only be asked if you are in darkness. What you want to do is get out of darkness. Not increase darkness

Fourth in light this question cannot occur

Fifth when in light and with God, the situation is different. How so ? Out current love is a trailer not a full movie. While from God perspective, you have the full movie. And it all makes sense

Hope that helps

It is perfectly logical and benevolent from God view point

He wants all to wake up and return. But how do you get rid of the obsession of sense enjoyment?

How can god tell you that there is more fun in meditation? Going in Samadhi?

In order to go into Samadhi you need to give up desires for sex and food etc. and in order to give up desires for food , you need to go into Samadhi

But we cling to this world ferociously. Never wanting to give it up. We want to Enjoy it again and again

So sometimes a little pain in life, rudeness from others they are a reminder to leave this world.

Too much pain is not helpful though

More later. I need to go!

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