Our personal enemy – ourself and our ego

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So when I spent my younger years with my Gurudev, I learnt two things very quickly

  • Never interrupt Gurudev. He will immediately drop the subject. It was not because he was offended but he saw it as a sign that the divine did not want you to hear higher things
  • Never think that you know what he is trying to say. We simply cannot understand him. I know of many things he told me in 1982, almost 50 years later, it makes sense. It could be a simple statement. But until you have peace in meditation you will never understand. The moment you have a thought you understand what he means or you know the story he stops
  • The best strategy is to be at his feet, silently let him talk when he wanted to and explain or say anything. IT could seem random. But it never is. It could be something that would happen 30 tears later. We just never know.

Many Times I have been around people. I am so ready to talk but they immediately talk about worldly matters. And I stop what can I do?

Recently I want to share about a book about Gurudev,a translation. Or explain a very complex paragraph in mukta Shasta. And they felt they knew what was meant because someone explained it to him. Or course I knew who told him and I knew it was totally wrong. But once you start worshiping the wrong person you can’t correct yourself

I would have gladly said more – the patience was now there. And misguided trust in the wrong practice method and person

Why do people make this mistake? Simple. Their own ego prevents them from remain silent. What is the hope? Why worship their own ego?

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