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I have a story of a Saint.

I am not sure of the name – something like Mansoor…..a sufi saint

I can’t verify the accuracy neither can I confirm the time. About 300 years ago in northern India

Take it as you will – my point ? He remained United in a higher level no matter what the circumstances. We forget to remain United when someone forgets to say hi or good morning.

He always lived in a very very high state. All day he would say, “anhalak’ Meaning God I am. He hardly ate, and lived like a crazy person

Now the king of the place had court appointed religious leaders and they hated Mansoor. Of course they would. It is said, that those who are divne are generally hated.

One day, it so happened the king had a son, young son who died.

The other religious leaders told the King, call Mansoor, after all he keeps saying God I am. Maybe he can do something

So Mansoor was summoned to the court. He went to the court and was orderd by the king to bring his son back to life. The dead body was brought into the court. Mansoor says, I will bring him back, but I am certain that after I do that you will pass an order to kill me. The king said, I wont and took a royal oath he will not order a death sentence. (Even in the old days, the politicians and rulers were untrustworthy)

So Mansoor goes to the dead body and says

Khuda ki agna se khada hoja. Meaning with the order from Khuda (Allah) get up. Of course nothing happens.

Mansoor goes again and says, Mein Mansoor kaheta hun, khuda ki agna se khada hoja. Meaning, I Mansoor is telling you, Get up from the Order of Khuda (allah). Nothing happens.

The jealous people are happy

Mansoor then finally says,

Accha, to meri agna se khada hoja – oh ok, then get up with my order! And the boy comes alive

All was well for a very short time but the jealous religious leaders told the King, this is wrong. Mansoor showed that he is greater than God. and no one is greater than God. How can he say that with Gods command that the boy did not come to life but with his command he came to life? Etc etc. So the king issued an order, that Mansoor be stoned to death

The next day, Mansoor was taken to the center of the village and the king ordered everyone to throw stones and kill him. Every stone that fell on him…he would laugh. People were puzzled. And he said, oh, I was afraid if there was body pain, I might lose my identity with God, but instead, there is intense joy and love.

Now, he had a disciple. He was in trouble. If he did not throw a stone, the villagers would be upset with him. And he could not throw a stone at his Guru. So he threw a flower. And Mansoor cried….oh…so sad, you knew me and yet you did that…

Finally Mansoor left his body…but there was a constant sound coming from his body, God I am, anhalak.

This was too much for the town people. So they started chopping his body up. Every part of the body they chopped started chanting Anahalak. They were lost. Did not know what to do. They threw his body parts into the ocean.

Finally, God got upset. There were tsunami and the town about to be wiped out. Finally the town people, realized that only Mansoor could save them. They prayed to Mansoor for forgiveness and the tsunami stopped.

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