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Here is something interesting Mother said

Before the true self is known, you are a public place, not a being. There are so many clashing forces working in you; hence, if you wish to make real progress, know your own being which is in constant union with the Divine. Then alone will transformation be possible. All the other parts of your nature are ignorant: the mind, for instance, often commits the mistake of thinking that every brilliant idea is also a luminous idea. It can with equal vigour trump up arguments for and against God: it has no infallible sense of the truth. The vital is generally impressed by any show of power and is willing to see in it the Godlike. It is only the psychic which has a just discrimination: it is directly aware of the supreme Presence, it infallibly distinguishes between the divine and the undivine. If you have even for a moment contacted it, you will carry with you a conviction about the Divine which nothing will shake.

The Mother, Questions and Answers 1921 – 1931 with commentaries on the Dhammapada, CWM volume 3, page 124.

What did she mean by you are a public place? It means that many external forces work upon us. Things we are not aware of us For example

  • Other people thoughts and behavior These thoughts and hidden forces come to us more easily when they touch you, through food, talk etc. that’s why eating simple food, avoiding restaurants, sex, good company is important.
  • Cosmic influences – many people say why is everyone behaving so erratic. Is it the full moon ? ( scientific studies have shown that full moon etc is a myth but my observation contradicts the scientific data)
  • Maya – she often sends thoughts and it influences everyone instantly. That’s why epidemic occurs. Covid could be seen as a thought that gave power to the virus
  • Environmental forces – we all know that going to nature – forests, oceans often have a calming effect. Here the forces of nature, the majestic calmness of trees, the sound of oceans work on us

Now a yogi is someone who slowly gets stronger and died not let the outside forces worked on him as much. An accomplished yogi can change the outside forces and can protect others. A higher yogi can prevent Covid occurring etc. but such people are rare. They do exist and have helped in the past

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