Is reading enough / should you meet a Guru?

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Of course reading is not enough

What is the difference? You could read all the information you like about spirituality but it won’t help you

The Guru actually gives you the experience

Let’s say you have a question? You read the answer. Or you ask the question to someone with an awakened Shakti? Is there a difference? The answer is yes. The person with awakened Shakti when he answers he transmits ( at times without his knowledge) some of his awakened Shakti to the listener

That’s why when on the path and your Shakti is awakened they guide them and are told not to meet others or talk with anyone.

Later when you progress you have more control and can directly awaken to some degree the listener – or just transmit an answer and the listener has an answer!

So it is always advisable and to the benefit to talk with someone advanced for further understanding

Of course the person you ask the question has to be awakened!

I have benefited from people like this many times.

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