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Link to Original Document Yesterday, someone very smart asked me what is Grace? So, guess what,I asked the people I worked with today, what is Grace? The answers were What we say before meals – is grace Dancing is done with Graceā€¦. Sometimes we get a grace period when we are behind say payments No …

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Yoga can be dangerous – a review on prana

Link to Original Document Many orthopedic injuries have been reported with different kinds of postures. Moreover some posters can cause nerve damage, impotence etc. So one must practice yoga carefully and under guidance of a Guru Now this only refers to asana or posture The other aspect of yoga is pranayama. This past is even …

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Keeping a diary

Link to Original Document Some people have the habit of keeping a diary. A diary of their day to day stuff. Why? It is a lot of work. Requires a commitment. Does it help? Well, depends on if you read it. And on how much you write in it. But it requires that you have …

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