Yoga is kept hidden

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The traditional role is to keep yoga hidden. However nowadays, I have seen a few enlightened people reveal more than what would have been ok

Like Yogananda

Or Vishnutirthji Maharaj.

They revealed many secret words and concepts

But they did this right around the time of Internet and social media!

The ignorant fools can search the Internet and look up words and find a dozen odd web pages explaining the secret words and get misguided!

The smart reader cuts the chase, realizes that reading blogs won’t help, seeks someone who can give them the divine perception and stops the searches

So now it becomes a matter of finding the needle in a haystack. Not so easy , is it?

Hinduism gets a lot of bad rap. However, if only people knew how to extract the divine nectar, they would go into divine rapture

It is easy to get disillusioned. What we don’t realize is we get disillusioned only because we did not know how to extract the honey from the hive with a lot of bees

Recently, Someone posted about Julia Roberts becoming Hindu. Posted photo of her. Sitting in meditation and wearing saffron. Who knows if it was real or photo shopped

I felt sorry for her. How can anyone grasp the essence and nectar without proper guidance

Where are the true guides?

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