Gyan and Agyan

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Sadly I cannot give an English translation. The language is inadequate to express it. However, I will give a “somewhat” translation / interpretation

Gyan: Generally people use it to mean knowledge. Although literally correct, in spirituality it means experience of the divine

Agyan: Generally it means ignorance. What are we ignorant of? Our divine pure consciousness

Gyan-Agyan : this is the state between gyan and Agyan. It does not mean, there is some knowledge and some ignorance. Neither does it mean you are going from Agyan to gyan. It is also a much necessary experience

So what is Agyan ? : Anything that relates to information about this world! All the science, technology, politics, culinary skills, etc. More importantly all the religions also fall into Agyan / ignorance ! Everything I wrote also is part of Agyan/ ignorance! Shocked ? Why is it that all the books fall into Agyan ? Spiritual books too? Including All the Vedas and Upanishad’s. Every lecture you have heard! They are all Agyan / ignorance because it does not give you direct perception of the divine!

So what does reading my blog give you? Or spiritual books by enlightened people give you? Why is it still ignorance?

  1. It gives you a mental concept of something divine that is to be reached
  2. It gives you steps to reach there
  3. It gives you an aspiration to get there
  4. Creates a flame

Inspite of that , you can memorize all the books from enlightened people, it won’t get you anywhere. You can even formulate a mental discussion and debate. But yet you are an ignorant idiot since you did not have a true experience. Sadly there is even a greater fool than this – a false self proclaimed Guru. This special category of a super fool does not even know that he is a fool and does not realize he or she has no experience, has only formulated an imaginary picture of what pure consciousness is , has taken the fake idol of imagination as true and is sending people in wrong direction! Such people are harshly punished by God

All of the current Guru, in my opinion fall in this category. Some may be slightly advanced but it is not enough

Ok. Enough of this. You might feel uncomfortable and deflated. Or angry at me for bursting your bubble. Or just ready to scorn me as a babbling idiot But then what is Gyan?

Gyan : this is a state of enlightenment. A state where you experience yourself as pure consciousness. Now, in order to experience it, your body awareness goes away. You simply forget this body exists. But you also go beyond the subtle body. To give an example, when you fall asleep, you forget your body. But the dream body is created! That body is also forgotten. You also forget the karan or casual body. What is that body? Well sometimes we go into deep slumber, have no dreams. Yet something remains, a body that knows you were in deep slumber. That is karan Deha or body. That is also forgotten. And then there is the soul. A fragment of the divine. That also is forgotten.

Now I use the word forgotten. What I mean is there is no awareness. And one has to go into successive steps of loss of awareness ! There are a few more steps , I don’t talk about them. But the enlightened know. After all those steps are taken, then and only then you know the divine and you are at the stage of Gyan

Finally what is gyan-Agyan? I hesitate to write about it ! Vishnutirthji Maharaj has described this in some detail in Saundarya Lahiri ! This book is a hymn praising the divine mother! It was composed by Shankaracharya Maharaj 2000 years ago. It has all the secrets but is very difficult to grasp. No one really attempted to explain the very complex yoga interpretation on it. Vishnutirthji Maharaj, was told to write it. He refused. Then shankaracharya Maharaj appeared and told him to write it and he remained next to Vishnutirthji Maharaj while he wrote this. This was written in 1950’s

It is in Hindi. You may read it , but without experience it will remain obscure. Or generate false or incomplete picture in your mind

Since he wrote it, I will repeat what he said. About Gyan-Agyan. You will not follow it. Shiv or pure consciousness becomes Jeev or soul under the influence of maya. There are 7 layers. 5 of these layers are called “kunchaliya”. These 5 kunchalia capture Chiti shakti with kaal , kriya shakti with Kala, gyan shakti with agyan, ichcha shakti with raag ( attraction and repulsion) , ananda shakti with niyati. I have intentionally kept this obscure. I can’t afford to spread wrong information

If you find someone who can explain this clearly and in layman terms and in a way that you immediately know it to be true, you have found an enlightened person Simple

Lastly, I don’t mean to scare you , but there is a level beyond gyan. That is described in 1 book

Hope this confused you enough! Go for the Tylenol if you have a headache!

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