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The right way to leave the body.

How could I not write this story.  It is true that a perfected saint, when he departs, his body remains intact for 21 days. In the recent times, this happened to Yogananda and Sri Aurobindo.  If the soul is to descend back, it would happen in 21 days.   However, in many instances, a perfected saint will …

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An important corollary to Kriya Yoga

In case the obvious has escaped the attention of even an astute reader, when true kriya is done and the senses are inverted, all our motor and sensory system is shut off from the external world.  In that situation one hears the Panchjanya conch of Krisha (the comingling of all the lower 5 sounds) and …

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Sankalpa (WILL)

Todays blog will be brief. A few more points on Sankalpa.  An exercise in liberation and getting your sankalpa perfected. Remember : Sankalpa is done without any desire. The higher the person the more immediate the results of Sankalpa. This entire world is the Sankalpa of God. All interactions between people and the eventual results …

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