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Today, I had a discussion with Aanal about Faith.  Faith in my opinion and also according to the scriptures and very succinctly written by Sri Aurobindo is something that is within and which is part of the soul.  This is an inner conviction.  Unfortunately,  this faith is very poorly understood.  What most people have is …

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I was asked, do you go to Church.  My answer was no, the Church comes to me.  The real church is where there is love for God. What is purity or a pure person?  A person who only has love and desires only for God, is pure.  Everyone else is impure. Love demands nothing in …

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Law of Miracles – a borrowed title from Paramhansa Yogananda

Ever since the mental aspect of the subconscious has cleared, the shakti is now working on the vital physical of the subconscient.  Unless you are very familiar with the terminology of Sri Aurobindo, it will sound like mumbo jumbo.  What is becoming clear is the law or control over Prana.  How it can be achieved.  …

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