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Wisdom or Gyana

When Wisdom comes, her first lesson is, “There is no such thing as knowledge; there are only apercus of the Infinite Deity.” Sri Aurobindo. Here the word wisdom refers to experiencing God. Everything else including bookish knowledge of God is considered Avidya or ignorance Apercus means entertainment To say this more clearly Once you have …

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What we lack

God is readily available. What we lack is a strong desire for him Yes. When we have pain inn life, physical challenges, health issues, financial or legal issues, social issues we wonder about the world. But that is not Rankit truly seeking God is it? It is our way of dealing with the problem. And …

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Saints are not heartless

So the world is in turmoil. So much agony. Disease. Misery. Crises. People know of Babaji. Besides I am to believe there is Krishna, Rama, shakti, Jesus, Buddha. All full of loving and caring Them why is they so much suffering! Oh I forgot, the famous Indian theory of Karma. I am not sure we …

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