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Painful life

https://www.craft.do/s/RCxY9L1FCeu4ek I simply love the formatting that can be done in craft app That elegance is missing in WordPress Here is a partially written blog

Ego check – a story from Autobiography of a Yogi -Ram Gopal

Ego check – a story from Autobiography of a yogi – Ram Gopal We are all very confident and ecstatic about our spiritual Growth. We read a lot and learn a lot. And we know so much about chakras. And we can impress so many people with the information we have gained And oh ! …

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God Patanjali wrote about yoga. He gave the world the fastest way to liberation. It can be as fast as 3 years. However , for that you need to understand and implement exactly what he said Having said that, those ego can explain it – there is maybe one person right now. Since most readers …

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