Ego check – a story from Autobiography of a Yogi -Ram Gopal

Ego check – a story from Autobiography of a yogi – Ram Gopal

We are all very confident and ecstatic about our spiritual Growth. We read a lot and learn a lot. And we know so much about chakras. And we can impress so many people with the information we have gained

And oh ! I forgot to mention in our mediation we see a few sparkles of light. Surely this is the sign of progress!

*I am being very sarcastic of the human ego. These small little thoughts wholly fails to impress God. I do find it amazing that when not even one step has been taken yet people have so much ego. *

In autobiography of a yogi, Yogananda , in his teen years, left Yukteshwar to go to the Himalayas to find a Guru. It is hard to understand and realize a true Guru. Even though he met his Guru, his own mind was fixed on the concept a Guru has a certain garb and lives in the mountains! Even though , as far s as the lineage was concerned it is an extra ordinarily strong lineage – Babaji – Lahiri – Yukteshwar ! Yogananda left Yukteshwar and went to the mountains

Now on the way he thought he should talk with Ram Gopal who was another disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya. On the way, to meet Ram Gopal ( I hope I got the name right) Yogananda passes a temple but in his young wisdom knew that God is everywhere so there is no need to go inside the temple and jolly well goes on his merry way! He meets a villager who was weak in his sense of direction and directs Yogananda in the exact opposite direction of the village of Ram Gopal. Yogananda was walking since much of the modern day transportation was non existent in those days. Anyway , finally he makes it to Ram Gopal place. He places his head at the feet of Ram Gopal !

“Come come you must be tired. You had a long day” Yogananda got a resounding welcome. Ram Gopal asks, so where do you think God lives? Yogananda said , of course he is everywhere! Ram Gopal smiles with a twinkle in his eye and says, “ and yet you could spend a few seconds and go inside the temple? God is there too! “. There is a pause. And he continues “ “You got the wrong direction from the villager as a result of that transgression “

Yogananda was astounded. How could Ram Gopal know all this? They had dinner and soon go to bed! But Yogananda could not sleep. Ram Gopal asked what is wrong? Yogananda said “ how can I sleep when I see the blazing light of God here? Does not matter whether my eyes are closed or open “

The next day they talk more. Yogananda asks a little more about him. Ram Gopal says, he is still on his way! I have been meditating all day for only 40 years and has more to do! He then tells Yogananda that Yukteshwar is a true Guru. You will not find a Guru in the mountains but only at the feet of a true Guru. He then touched Yogananda back and his back pain for many years got healed. Yogananda returned back to Yukteshwar

So what are the points?

  • Ram Gopal had the insight of what Yogananda was thinking even when he was passing by the temple and when he got misled by the villager. He even knew of Yogay back problem
  • He healed Yogananda with a touch! In a fraction of a second
  • His place was so divine The light of God was seen effortlessly by anyone went there
  • He mediation was for 40 years, all day, and he said much more was yet to be done

I hope you are getting the picture. Give up the ego of progress. The fastest way is at the feet of a Guru. It takes effort of deep mediation. Many years. And the accomplishments of Ram Gopal was still minor! What about ordinary people like us? Be humble and seek the feet of such great people. They are in touch with the divine and can guide

  1. If you want information go elsewhere.
  2. If you want to debate and Brag go elsewhere
  3. If you are not truly seeking God but want those miracles go elsewhere
  4. If you can’t be humble and surrender to a true Guru go elsewhere.
  5. If you like stories and want to give sermon after hearing them go elsewhere.
  6. First seek ye the kingdom within ( from the Bible) then all riches will be added unto thee Matthew 6:33. seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

/How can the blind lead the blind ? /

Enjoy your imaginative progress and let me be!

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