Half baked knowledge

**The new age is “****Saakshi bhaav”orwitness attitude.What is it? Just silently observe. Observe your thoughts and emotions! Aurobindo talks about it and there is mention of it in Sankhya yoga **
**In case you were not aware Gita is based on Sankhya yoga
The newer Buddhists technique interpreted the witness attitude in either mindfulness or vipassana Both of them created their own interpretation and technique **
**They involve focusing on the sensation and mind body connection **

**Vipassana****means without seeing. Or looking inside. **
**For those Who have not experienced Samadhi it might seem wonderful and uplifting. The discussion and logic would seem unshakable. But for those who have gone within, and when I say gone within, with the body becoming lifeless, they are the only people who can attest to true understanding. **
Sakshi bhav in Sankhya talks about witnessing thoughts or mind
**Having said this – the true meaning of Sakshi bhav is not Correct in any of the definitions above. Sankhya yoga has it correct but – but – to grasp it you first need to know what the mind is. At our present level of mediation , even the meaning of thought and mind will be misunderstood **
Since the word thought and the word mind has been used so often , we have become comfortable with the word mind with our own incorrect understanding! Now that we are stuck with that definition, you will not be able to escape it – until you experience it. Then you will laugh. And wonder. How could I have been so stupid for all my life. And I would have to correct you and and say for many many lives!
**So what is the real meaning of mind and thought? I have talked about it elsewhere. I do not wish to repeat myself for an intelligent reader would remember what I wrote in the past. **
**Aurobindo talked about mind and vital. And he divided it into outer mind, inner mind and innermost mind! But I refer to a mind way beyond that. And when you get there – then you will know what Sankhya yoga was talking about. Then and only then will you understand Gita **
**Sankhya means to count / evaluate / decipher **
**Sankhya yoga enumerates 24 principles. 5 organs we use ( legs, hand, tongue, etc) 5 organs of sensation – taste, setting, hearing, touch and small, 5 main principles – earth, water, fire, air, space, 5 Prana – prana, Alana, Samani, udana, vyan and finally mind, interest, emotions and ego **
I have enumerated them. But the true meaning can’t be grasped by reading on the Internet nor by looking up definitions. What can I say? Hinduism is very cryptic. Intentionally designed that the average reader can go off in a tangent based on the wrong understanding or a smart reader will go to a Guru and ask him what it Really means !
**I find it amazing how your ego will insist that you have understood the meaning of mind perfectly. Your Ego will fight me every step of the way and you will protest the true meaning of mind. So the wise people decided, let’s not debate it. You go about your way and I will go about my way. I have no desire whatsoever. If it pleases you that I say you are correct , I will gladly say that. If you feel you are smart And I am an idiot, I agree with that too. If you persist in asking me what does mind mean, I have no answer – why ? who has seen the mind? I say this with a smile. For I just gave you the answer to the whole mystery **

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