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A few more thoughts – nectar, Gurudev, Love

I have forgotten to mention that of late, tasting the nectar has been more frequent.  I am still ashamed of it – coming from a tradtion where drinking the nectar regularly was a significant characterestic, I have perhaps tasted it only seldom. Gurudev tasted and drank the nectar regularly.  One Gurupurnima in 1982, when all …

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A common misconception is the hearing of Nada.  The truest of true nada occurs when the prana actually ascends in the sushumna.  These nadas have the following characteristics 1) Extremely soft, no longer heard by the physical body 2) Extremely pleasing and one truly just wants to hear it again and again 3) On hearing …

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Bhagvada Gita

I have had a series of spectacular experiences some of which I have already forgotten.   However, some of the experiences I remember about the Gita are as follows 1) I was very fortunate to have the darshana of Krishna Bhagwana.  He started off with many many shlokas all praising his Guru.  He praised his Guru …

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