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Painful life

https://www.craft.do/s/RCxY9L1FCeu4ek I simply love the formatting that can be done in craft app That elegance is missing in WordPress Here is a partially written blog

Karma – Shaivism way

Everyone has their own definition. And they use their own logic and add prepositions etc According to Babaji and Yogananda, true karma or satkarma ( pure or good karma ) is ONLY THE KARMA THAT LEADS TO SELF REALISATION! ( refGod talks with Arjuna) Everything else is akarma ( wrong karma ) Your efforts to …

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Vegetarian or Non veg

A common debate. Recently someone sent me a video by SadGuru, about his take on Veg versus non veg. For a Yogi, this is no debate. Anything that increases your attachment to a body is not good for meditation Now of course there is no scientific study out there. But a yogi, it does not …

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