Vegetarian or Non veg

A common debate.
Recently someone sent me a video by SadGuru, about his take on Veg versus non veg.

For a Yogi, this is no debate. Anything that increases your attachment to a body is not good for meditation

Now of course there is no scientific study out there. But a yogi, it does not matter
Consciousness is not a subject of scientific study to begin with.

If you want to know what science says about vegetarian versus non veg., dont go to SadGuru. He is not a scientist. There is an abundance of information on it in medical journals, botanical journals.

What I say about it, will no doubted have my own bias. This bias is generated by information by Patanjali, Holy Science and Raj Yoga as written by Vivekananda.

I am clear on this. Medical science has not touched the surface of pure consciousness. Ask a Yogi for that..A true yogi who can touch pure consciousness. Go beyond the three bodies of the soul

I am yet to see any current so called Guru talk about causal body, describe it…let alone, describe the divine experiences in it.

If their experiences are limited to the gross physical body, they cannot help me in my quest

On the other hand, if someone wants to reach those layers of the consciousness, dont you think they should talk with someone who has gone there?

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