What we lack

God is readily available. What we lack is a strong desire for him

Yes. When we have pain inn life, physical challenges, health issues, financial or legal issues, social issues we wonder about the world. But that is not Rankit truly seeking God is it? It is our way of dealing with the problem. And sometimes we seek God during those times plus alcohol or drug or medications. We are simply looking for a super natural solution more than just seeking God.

After repeated such issues, something inside is snaps. It truly snaps. The smart soul, finally says no more. If I come back repeatedly and have the same garbage issues , I refuse to come back. I want permanent peace. Now peace is another name for God. So when you seek permanent peace whether you believe in God or not you’re seeking him.

Unlike the shallow minded religions, god does not care if you call Him peace or Shiv. He responds. ( Shankar means giver of peace) And then he sends a Guru

All the pleasure of life , when repeated you get tired of it. You may love food. But at some point you get tired of it. Same thing with travel or sex. But it does not last. A few days or months later the desire crops up again. Why ? Samskar or a habit that we created in the mind.

Anyway here is what Yogananda said

Change yourself everyday…..
Cut off the tentacles of the habits and kill the octopus mind that says it can’t be done. Just say, It can !”and then do it. Get rid of your bad habits. Change yourself everyday. Don’t be overwhelmed by all your responsibilities. Life was given that we might find the Eternal Life. Peace was given that we might find the Eternal Peace. Desire was given, not to be used for material things but that our need for Infinite be satisfied. If you would but seek Him a little more urgently, you would find Him. Doubt not !
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
The Divine Romance.P.449

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