July 2020 archive

When will I get results?

No one can say! She knows. Shree Lalitha. However how and when is kept a big secret. When on the verge of I liberation your Guru can tell you. But before that, it depends on your effort and endurance. Since it is a personal choice, and God does not interfere with personal choices – there …

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St. Paul died daily

And that is the goal of yoga This is not really death But totally forgetting the body consciousness and to soar in the skies of freedom as pure consciousness Some may consider that as an end point. But for a true yogi it is only the starting point This is what Yogananda said Why not …

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God knows everything!

God, who is Omnipresent and omniscient, knows all things good and bad that quietly come and go in human minds and secret acts. There is nothing that can be hidden from Him; for even when a man takes with him to the grave long-held secrets, they are openly read by the all-seeing God. He who …

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