What do you do if

  1. your Guru is not there?
  2. you don’t have a Guru?
  1. Go to his samadhi. Worship him. And his photo. Or his sandals. But also without fail also do pranam to his foremost disciples. In my lineage, Dineshuncle, Kantikaka, kankuben, Niranjankaka are perhaps the foremost. Why? They never went to any other Guru. Meaning they realized the true greatness of Gurudev
  2. Worship some of the foremost saints. Babaji, Saibaba of Shirdi ( that is the only Saibaba) Neem Karolibaba.

The problem is no matter how much I tell you, you will never appreciate a Guru until you yourself become or go into Samadhi. All his miracles pale compared to the miracle of taking a pot of clay and turning it into gold ( ignorant disciple into a perfected person) In one life.

Words cannot describe the greatness of a true Guru.

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