Kabir was a perfected saint , Guru, God
He was born in a poor family , an outcast
He desperately was searching for a Guru. He heard of Guru Ramanand. He approached Ramanand – and Ramanand rejected him. Insulted him. Telling him he is full an outcast family and can’t accept him

But Kabir was determined. He knew a Ramanand was perfected. Now it so happened, Ramanand would go to the river Ganga at early dawn when it was dark. In those days lighting was inadequate. So when Ramanand went to the ghat to dip in Ganga, Kabir hid on the steps. Lying Down horizontally. Hardly visible. Ramanand while climbing the steps, placed his feet unwittingly on Kabir. Kabir grabbed his feet and said now for my Guru.

Ramanand laughed and enlightened Kabir in a matter of months

The salient points –

  1. A Guru will test you
  2. You must persist with a true Guru
  3. Shakti and awakening is not cheap. Not everyone deserves it. Or will get it. Make belief awakening is dime a dozen.
  4. A Guru seeking disciples by the dozens is not a true Guru
  5. A Guru May display ordinary qualities in public but corner them in private and they can show their true form!
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