Is spirituality for everyone?


India suffered because the principle of non violence and titiksha was applied to the masses. How can a country defend itself if everyone decides and says – oh we will endure and not be violent towards others and forgive our enemies?
Prithviraj Chauhan was foolish in forgiving Mohamed Gazni 16 times in war. In the last war he lost and was executed by Mohammed Gazni
There are many situations where if you do not indulge in aggressive behavior it would be wrong. A king not protecting its citizens You can’t say, I will let the robbers take my money.

The scriptures are very clear. You must follow all your household responsibilities under all circumstances. If someone is hurting your child – defend and protect your child DO NOT CONFUSE THE PRINCIPLES OF SPIRITUALITY WITH FOOLISH CONCEPTS AND NEGLECT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AT HOME

If your spouse likes samosa make it for him/ her. Don’t preach and tell him that enjoying food is not spiritual. There are a few rare souls who are able to transcend the body needs It is not for everyone.

So in other words make progress slowly. This is why a Guru is needed. Each ones progress is individual. The Guru knows which level of soul you are There are seven levels of soul. ( sakala, vigyankala etc). Each level the soul transits slowly from one level to another. And guides accordingly
That’s why a true Guru does not give lectures to masses
That is why I have repeatedly told the blogs are for my children. It is not meant for everyone.

This is what Paramhansa Yogananda said

PEOPLE OF DULL INTELLIGENCE, those who lack keen understanding, are inherently compelled by Nature to be engrossed in the performance of material duties. Illumined beings should not disturb the enactment of material duties by such persons, whose redemption lies through this evolutionary stage. Badly told to embrace the principle of nonattachment to the world, unspiritual people would neglect their material duties. They would fall into sloth, offering their vacant minds as workshops of the devil.

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
3 :29, God talks with Arjuna,
The Bhagavad Gita

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