Inner victory

As long as you come back to earth, in any shape size or gender , you will desire for things in this world.
Inner victory comes in a few steps

  1. learn that material desires are not fulfilling
  2. learn that there is more substantial happiness within. That within some people call it/ him / her God
  3. learn how to give up external attachment and learn to go within. That technique is called mediation or kriya yoga or siddha yoga or Maha yoga
  4. in its final step it is Samadhi. Here all questions are answered. There is no God. Just pure consciousness. You and God or father were always one. Extremely few reach there

This is what Yogananda said

He who conquers himself is the greatest victor in this battle of life. Money, fame, desires—everything that goes against this ideal is a detriment to our peace and happiness. If people would only learn to concentrate on the real values of life, they would find true happiness; but they are carried away by earthly desires.
I love to see true devotees—those who are anchored in God. Souls who love God will come here, and those whose enthusiasm will last to the end of life will find Him. God Must Come to Those Who Truly Want Him. He must come.
Everybody wants to have more money than the next person, and when he has it he is not satisfied, because he finds there is still someone else who has more than he. People live in a bedlam of misery, created by their own desires. Learn to be satisfied with what you have. God’s way is the easiest way. It is best to go to the Father first and ask Him what is best for you. When you know that He is, and that He awaits you, why should you waste your time on lesser things? Have you ever tried sincerely to see if the Father talks to you or not? The Lord is speaking to all human beings. What more can He do to attract your attention?.”
Paramahansa Yogananda
“Man´s Eternal Quest”

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