August 2020 archive

A miracle

Don’t expect this all the time If miracles occurred to us all the time , we would lose its importance But miracles do occur every second to the siddha and enlightened. But we can’t see them Once in a while Shakti reveals those miracles to us Here is a story of Yogananda “I remember at …

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Kitten or monkey

2 types of Bhakti Described by Ramkrishna. He said kitten like is better. I personally believe starts as monkey and evolves to kitten In time. Not easy This is what Yogananda said Preparing for your next incarnation The Right Attitude Toward Suffering There are two kinds of seekers: those who are like the baby monkey …

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Time to go – can we say that now?

Surrender to God If God were to say to me today: Come home! without a backward glance I would leave all my obligations here -organization, buildings, plans, people- and hasten to obey Him. Running the world is His responsibility. He is the Doer, not you or I. 
 ~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, “Sayings of Paramahansa …

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