At the final moment, if you have no remaining desire , you are free

In our foolishness we think that without meditation you can overcome desire. But that is not possible.

Why is it foolish?

The mind inherently goes out. You see a good looking man or Woman and there is a desire. Or you see a yummy looking ice cream or pizza or South Indian food. And you want it

Your mind is not in your control. You can’t control your mind for 5 min for mediation. How can you say you will relinquish desire at the final moment?

So mediation is needed to bring the mind under your control instead of the mind leading you

This is what Paramhansa Yogananda said

Realize your Christ – immortality

Wash your hands of all desires now, yet perform your earthly duties with an increasing ambition to please God and to make others happy; then when the door of death is opened, your spirit will laugh and dance and shout: “Now through this opening I shall dash to my Home of Immortal Bliss.” Disappoint all the adversities of earth-binding attachments so that they will not bring you here on earth anymore; being unshackled, race straight to your home in God.

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
Journey to Self-Realization

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