Tag: Gautamkaka

Mohangiriji Maharaja

“I came out of Samadhi for you” Those were the words ringing in my ears when I woke up from Savikalpa Samadhi.  I was bowing down before Kashinathdada  and Gurudevs Samadhi with thoughts of dismay that the great souls like Mohangiriji Maharaja have their personal success but dont even turn back to help others.  With …

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A beacon!

Every human being is a beacon!  They are constantly emiting and transmiting vibes which attracts the universal vibrations which translate into karam.  This has been said by Patanjali, Mirdad and all great souls.  Every thought we have becomes a nidus which attracts similar universal vibrations.  One should constantly, no matter what and no matter what …

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March 30, 2009

I tend to forget some of my spiritual experiences. Just a lot to recount. Today, while talking with Tejal auntie, I remembered that on Saturday, everytime I closed my eyes, the third eye would open and I could see different parts of different worlds! This happened quite frequently. Well, the next 2 days were difficult. …

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