The problem with good people

The problem with good people is they are naive They don’t realize there is evil all around them. After all this is the satanic delusion , maya.
People around you are pre programmed in a different way
They don’t believe is courtesy always. They want to use good people constantly. Manipulate them. And if your slightly happy they want to upset you in a variety of ways
This is the norm of life

Once in a while a good person may Encounter another good person but by now they are skeptical of goodness. We look at niceness and wonder what does he or she want?

The moral is you should be good. Loving caring. But don’t be naive or stupid. Be aware of the pitfalls in life. It is constant and to be expected

You are not here as an avatar to change someone. You are here to learn your own self. For liberation from these headaches

My Gautamuncle said – do not ever try to correct your spouse. You will spend all your life trying to improve your spouse and then in the next birth he or she will Marry someone else and get the benefit of an improved personality!

Let them be. Don’t correct anyone. Be loyal to your goal. Of God

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