If God is everywhere how can I see him

You using the wrong equipment!

You can understand that he is everywhere. You can imagine he is everywhere

But what I am talking is about us seeing him everywhere

To do that you need to stop using your eyes and use your intuition like Paramhansa Yogananda said.

In his own words


   The ultimate Truth is God; and God is the ultimate Truth. The universe is upheld by this Truth through the operation of the Lord's cosmic laws. These laws are basic truths that are eternal and not subject to man's manipulation. 

  So how are you going to find the truth, the reality that lies behind what the senses perceive? You cannot do it by your rationalizing mind, because your mind falls victim to the senses; it only infers about what the senses tell it. The mind therefore does not comprehend the infinite forces that are dancing all around. Only by the development of intuition can you know what is truth. Intuition is direct perception. It is the all-knowing pure comprehension of the soul. 

  The only way to know and to live in truth is to develop the power of intuition. Then you will see that life has a meaning, and that no matter what you are doing the inner voice is guiding you.

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
JOURNEY to Self – Realization

So now you have an understanding. But still you will not succeed till you master intuition

There are definite steps to it.

But no one wants to learn them. They just want to understand. This stupid egotistic attitude, that you can do it in your own, all you have to do is understand, do some chanting of krishna or read Bible and become a scholar are indirect slow process

Developing intuition is a different method. What kriya yoga. ? Yes it works – but kriya yoga of what you read and do and what is the truth is very very distant.

I have talked with many many people on the spiritual path. Those who have encountered siddha directly. Yet they still get it wrong. Very incomplete

That’s why a guide is needed. Until you are ready, The process may seem very complex, frustrating. Hence some path manipulate others with words saying you only have to do mantra, or do chanting or do nidhidhayasan ( introspection) or just watch your breath ( this includes kriya )

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