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Kabir was a perfected saint , Guru, God He was born in a poor family , an outcast He desperately was searching for a Guru. He heard of Guru Ramanand. He approached Ramanand – and Ramanand rejected him. Insulted him. Telling him he is full an outcast family and can’t accept him But Kabir was …

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What do you do if your Guru is not there? you don’t have a Guru? Go to his samadhi. Worship him. And his photo. Or his sandals. But also without fail also do pranam to his foremost disciples. In my lineage, Dineshuncle, Kantikaka, kankuben, Niranjankaka are perhaps the foremost. Why? They never went to any …

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Last weekend was one of the most auspicious days. It is called Gurupurnima. Purnima means full moon. Guru is the word used to refer to a spiritual teacher. I am talking of a perfected spiritual teacher whose level of experience is similar to Babaji, or Ramana Maharshi or RamKrishna Paramhansa So how is it observed? …

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