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Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) energizing exercises (contd)

I would like to continue on expounding on SRF exercises.  I wrote about it briefly in the past.  However, to understand it fully, one has to have a clear understanding on prana. Yesterdays blog and elsewhere in my blogs there is a more precise explanation of the prana. As we talked about, the only way …

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There are two ways of self improvement.  The negative way is the way of learning from our mistakes.  The positive way is by the love of God.  The negative way :  Let us say for example we love Pizza.  We go to a pizza place and pig out.  That very night we have severe abd. …

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Simple ideas for spiritual progress

To clearly understand one owns fault by itself is spiritual progress. However, this understanding must be precise and clear. Liberation is not possible without a Guru. A disciple cannot understand many of his experiences. Progress is always there (especially true if you have a liberated Guru) but the experience can be best understood and explained …

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