Be careful of the books you read or people who you hear

The mind is very impressionable. Once a wrong concept goes in your mind, it takes a lot of work to get rid of it
In the name of spirituality , you think all books are ok to read and everyone is good to listen to – that is not true

From my perspective – all the books on witness attitude are Wrong. They have not grasped an iota of truth.
Now since you cannot go to the true witness attitude – which is God – you will think that human ego watching the body eat food and enjoy sex and taking walking is witness attitude. Utter foolishness

In my college group I see many people talk about this insane witness attitude. How can thinking or witnessing the physical world lead to super consciousness ? It can’t

Those who live in the physical world. Only know the physical world

Those who are spiritually minded live in pure consciousness – and They being a witness to entire universe are aware of things remotely Now that is beginning of witness. True self which knows much more than the ego generated thinking !

Back to my point. Be careful of what you hear or read. Some people from my guru bandhu group started promoting Vishnu sahastra and other puja. Yoga progress is not about rites or ceremony. It is about going within. But yet hearing the wrong thing repeatedly, many foolish people have given up mediation or waste time in those things – all because of ignorant advise.

Once those wrong thoughts take a hold Of you, you cannot escape. You will get angry or even violent if someone suggests otherwise.

I had emotions of frustration when I saw things being not followed in the right way. Now I enjoy people making errors. It has nothing to do with me. Just a play. Whatever you believe in and Want to follow, the good lord lets you pursue it God will correct you if you have a true interest in him But most people lack genuine interest. They want to her worship others.

A true Saint will not tell you much about his experience. He does not want you to cling to him or be your guru ever. Nor does he want you to follow his advise based on miracles. Or stories of miracles

The biggest example that they leave is of forgiveness. Or love. Caring. Or being generous. Something. In their presence you feel the divine. But they will make you forget it also when they are away.

It has to be your choice. Uninfluenced.

So be careful of what you read. Shankaracharya and other great shastras forbade their disciples from reading other books. It was for this reason. This is now the age of reading anything
If you want to do that, just be careful.

Elsewhere in my blogs I have tried how to recognize a true Saint. Look it up. Again.

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