Tag: Ramkrishna

Why knowledge or experience

Knowledge prepares the way to love. You cannot love that which you do not know. Knowledge of God must therefore precede love for Him. That knowledge comes by practice of Kriya Yoga, the technique that Lahiri Mahasaya gave. When you know God, you will love Him; and when you love Him, you will surrender yourself …

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In continuation – peace

So those very fortunate people who are given peace – peace to such a high degree. And joy to that degree – are worthless Worthless from a society standpoint. They remain incapable to work. Once in that state , that state is so intoxicating, they don’t move from one place to another. They lie Or …

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How words betray you!

Here is an incorrect understanding. His words betrayed his level of experience Your inner peace or happiness depends exclusively on how you train your brain with your mind. Brain is an organ, mind is consciousness. With daily meditation and practice of mindfulness, japa and worship, the energy centres (chakras) slowly balance and align with higher …

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