Why knowledge or experience

Knowledge prepares the way to love. You cannot love that which you do not know. Knowledge of God must therefore
precede love for Him. That knowledge comes by practice of Kriya Yoga, the technique that Lahiri Mahasaya gave.
When you know God, you will love Him; and when you love Him, you will surrender yourself to Him.”
“Man’s Eternal Quest”

The important points

  1. Knowledge is experience of God
  2. Itdoes not come from reading books or blogs
  3. Yoga is the direct Way.
  4. All yoga is essentially kriya. But it is not what you read or understand
  5. kriya is not a technique. It is a gift from a guru
    6)What you read about kriya and you want to learn by reading or debating is like a car without an engine, gas and steering wheel. Good luck
  6. People call kriya by many other names. Kevali, siddha yoga, Maha yoga, etc. Why do you think they are different? You have not truly experienced it
  7. Don’t be desperate to get awakening. First be pure. Want to be pure. Get rid of anger, hatred, jealousy, ego , greed for money and fame. Also want God. Then a Guru miraculously appears. That is God promise. Your efforts are quickly rewarded. The game is over. You are no longer bound
  8. If you continue, then God rewards you with the ultimate gift of love. That is the final thing which God hides – that is what Ramkrishna Paramhansa said
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