How many kriya yogis are there?

Hundreds of thousands, not dozens merely, of Kriya Yogis are needed to bring into manifestation the world of peace and plenty
that awaits men when they have made the proper effort to reestablish their status as sons of the Divine Father….May all men
come to know that there exists a definite, scientific technique of Self-realization for the overcoming of all human misery!”
“Autobiography of a Yogi”

So what is corollary?

  1. There is no peace on earth. Anywhere. So the world does not have hundreds of thousands kriya yogis
  2. Then how many are there? So let me ask you this, you join a group. Every group claims to teach kriya yoga or something better. Many accomplished lineages – like Babaji , Narayanturthji, nityananda of Ganeshpuri are there. They did transmit the complete and correct technique to a few But for the lineage to continue, the subsequent generation has to be as great as the founder or more! Otherwise it simply cannot endure the fight with maya. How many generations do we know that continued After Krishna ? Or after Ram? Or after Shukdev? Or after Dattatraya? Or after Gyaneshwar? You get my point. Now these are accomplished lineages. But then there are many newly founded people who claim to have kriya yoga or better. So on paper we have hundred of thousands of kriya yogi but has the tradition truly continued in its full glory?
  3. Now you may say But I have joined an accomplished group and seen / talked with them personally. Attended lectures etc. and when I go there I feel so peaceful. I have the right and perfect thing. I can even teach others. The truth is kriya yoga is a very specific technique. Repeatedly Paramhansa Yogananda said he can’t reveal it in public. So based on that , if anything is printed it is incomplete. It is not something to be revealed. Can others have printed or talked about it? The answer is NO. My understanding is the great founders demand total purity of the individual before the full glory is revealed. Find someone who hates you and has done terrible things to you. Now love them with all your heart. The same love you have for money and kids and sex and children added together. Then the full glory of kriya yoga is revealed. Of course in some paths they have 3 or 4 or 5 levels and many are given 5. But I talk about something much much higher. I talk about kriya where you have mastery.

The bottom line is – true kriya yogis are rare. This of course is my interpretation. You could argue that how do I know what others do. This is all jealousy or stupidity on my part. And maybe your right.
In that case you can help me – no need to read my blog. Or even attempt to correct me. I am beyond salvation. Bless me with your love and let me be in myself

My blog is not meant for everyone. I wrote them for my kids. I want nothing from anyone. I don’t want some devious or crooked con artist take advantage of them by fake claims, misconstrued spirituality or fall in the clutches of fanatics

If others read this and benefit it would be good too. Inner purity is a must. Not craving bodily desires is a must

When I went to my Gurudev – we would not Eat. We would not sleep ( as much ). It was not meant for lectures either What is there to lecture when God is in front of you!

Like usual I have written things cryptic.

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