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Divine Justice and the Law of Reincarnation.
You may or may not believe in the law of Reincarnation;but if life is the beginning and the end of Human existence,it is impossible to reconcile the enequalities of life with a divine justice. Why is one man born in a rich family, whereas another child poverty-stricken home, only to die of starvation ? Why is one person healthy enough to live 100years , and someone else sick all the time? Why are Eskimo born in the cold north and other people in moderate climate, where the struggle to survive easier ? Why are some babies born blind,or dead ? Why? Why? Why? If you were God, would you do such unjust things? What is the use of reading and living according to scripture,if life is predestined by a whimsical God who deliberately creates being with bodies or brains that are impercfect ?
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
Man’s Eternal 230.

These are relevant questions
Now there are only three options
1). There is no God. No reincarnation. Just a random draw of luck from nature! Or random dna mutations
2) Believe in God. There is no reincarnation. Just that you are not given a chance in life. Tough luck. God was not in a good mood. You are born in a poor family. Or have a terrible genetic mutation. Or some other issue – autism or something else. After all God can be in a bad mood, can’t he?
3) There is God and reincarnation and karma

What do you think?
I have written a few things on reincarnation and karma elsewhere

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