Goals of life

If your on the spiritual path – know your true self. The Atman or pure consciousness

If your religious – demand to know God but having him appear while you are still in the body

If your a scientist’s and don’t believe in God – find out what existed before the Big Bang or find out what consciousness is !


When you find the answer you will be supremely joyous. You will be at peace. Many difficulties – that existed will have a different appearance

*But it is a personal journey It is something that you have to do.

Wait a minute – you have been talking about Guru and the need for Guru. Now you’re telling me it is a personal journey? Why are you changing your story?

A. I did not change story. Let’s say the quest of finding God or Atman is like hunger for an item from wheat . Now what do you do?

  1. First you have to find seeds
  2. Find suitable land
  3. Plant seed
  4. Add water. Fertilizer
  5. Make sure insects and infections don’t destroy plant
  6. Wait for a season
  7. When the harvest is there you collect it
  8. Grind it into flour
  9. Bake or cook it
  10. You put it on a plate and Eat it

So if you have a Guru – he has done step 1-9 for you. Your oh step ten. You have to make the effort to Eat it. Digest it. The Guru can’t do it for you.

You have to make that effort with intensity and enthusiasm. And grateful to Guru giving it to you. He did steps 1-9. Isn’t that wonderful ?

Now the steps 1-9 Don’t involve school. It is all hard work.
Lectures won’t give you God. Debates won’t either. You have to realize God. Experience God.

The hurdles are our own. After having a Guru. We create our own hurdles. What kind?

  1. I hope the Guru is real
  2. How did he make the meal
  3. Hope I won’t get sick eating it
  4. He put more on the other persons place ( which is never true Always save portion. The other person started to Eat it that’s why the other person Is happier)
  5. I want to Learn how to make this and teach others ( but he does not way to Eat it! Truly stupid don’t you agree? )

In short our own faults stop our remarkable quest and journey

But if you are on the table and there are others who are enjoying the meal you will start nibbling and then eating ( true satsang )

If everyone on the table is distracted, they will distract you and you will not eat ( the rest of the world)

Reading and associating with people who go writhing is very important! They will inspire you.

Have true enthusiasm and even greed for God.
You can’t steal from someone plate. If you try that or get jealous- your Guru will take your plate away

It is your journey

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