God is everywhere but

“Gazing one Sunday morning at the masses of flowers that decorated the church, the Master said, “I thank you for the flowers. God is always pleased to receive flowers because He Himself is beautiful, and He created beauty in the flowers so that they would speak of Him. More than anything else in nature they reveal Him. Through the windows of flowers God peeks His shining face. He says, ‘Seek Me behind the fragrance of the rose.’ And yet He otherwise remains silent. He shows His beauty but doesn’t reveal that He Himself is hidden there.”

Sri Paramahansa Yogananda
“The Masters Said”, 1952

The same thing is with those who are in tune with God
However even when you are around a Guru or God you will not grasp it. You will shun him

Many times Jesus would go to villages and towns. People would shut the door on him. Yet he was an embodiment of love

So in India , Kabir says – look at everyone as God. You just don’t know when he will appear. So love everyone

Why do we fail to recognize him? More about it later

But in short it is our ego.

We restrict and shun God. We project our own limitation on others. Even on God

Take the story of Jesus. The ignorant people say Mary was a temptation for him. How is that possible? He had no desires of the flesh.

Because you can’t do it, you say Jesus could not either? Foolish

Same is true outrage own fault and Guru and other great saints

Wake up. Be pure So you can at least recognize a great person!

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