Generally people are narrow minded. They think of karma as amount of money, security, people and relations they get. Usually many people focus on their bad fortune and use it to justify not helping others who suffer

But here is a powerful statement from Yogananda
If you give out love and kindness you will get that in return.

Now you may ask, often times I loved my husband or wife, but they used me. Hurt me. Took me for granted.

So what happens is that often times our love is not really genuine. We may love or show love – because you’re afraid the other person might leave you. Or we love them and show love for subtle manipulative behavior. Or love them for physical pleasure. There could be a million other reasons. But our mind is deceptive. It could be our past lives too.

However the rule – whatever you give out – even if it is just an emotion of anger or anguish or frustration – God simply does not like it. He watches with love our foolishness. But once you bang your hand against the wall we have to endure a little pain.

So can anger or frustration be justifiable? No. But often times it is Maya pushing us to the limit and just a little more! What can we do besides endure? If this is any consolation, if you endure, and minimize frustration, God is very pleased. Plus everyone goes through this repeatedly. And more

The person who spent 20 years to help on Hubble telescope was not given any Hubble times. All Hubble time was given to other scientists. So unfair. Finally the scientist gave up their personal time and gave it to Jeff , I believe his name is. He discovered many secrets to Orion. It is the nursery for creating sun

Such is Life. Always unfair. To most. Some people get very lucky. But most will endure significant unfairness.

Keep that in mind. You will not be so bummed!

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