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How stupid can you be?

So , in youth or even till you are about to die – we see someone handsome or beautiful and we start feeling good. Social obligations may prevent you from actively pursuing that person but nevertheless the thought is there So why crave the body of another ? Why do you even want to offer …

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Merely a minor beginning

This is just a minor being called Titiksha. Difficult to do. Part of Yama and niyama Let’s try it !

Fundamentals that are a must to know

Just a collection of one line thoughts! My last written blog of adhara was incomplete due to the computer crashing.  The whole article was written and the computer crashed!  1) Surrender occurs in three stages.  a) Surrender with effort.  Here there is surrender with the sense of I ness. As long as there is a …

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Ramayana stories – Hanuman battles Ahiravana and Mahiravana (interpretation)

During the battle between Rama and Ravana, Ravana’s son Indrajit is killed.  At that point, Ravana calls his brother Ahiravana for help.  Now, Ahiravana is the king of Patala (the underworld).  (There are many variations to the story.  All of them can be interpreted spiritually).  Ahiravana promised to help.  Vibhishana somehow manages to hear about …

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True Pranayama = Kriya Yoga = Mahayoga = Siddhayoga = Kevali = Keval kumbhaka

Patanjali Bhagwan has described the 8 angas or steps of Yoga.  One of the steps is pranayama.  I refer to the true pranayama and not the nonsense that we hear all the time on the news and from charlatans and from books on Yoga or from even well meaning but self deceving, self proclaimed Gurus …

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The curious case of the cart before the horse.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they put the cart before the horse.  It is a perpetual mistake in spirituality and thus no matter how much they desire to progress, they always remain stagnant or at best make a tiny step forward. What do I mean by putting the cart before the …

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General statements

Just a few general statements 1) Dont wish that you could do good things to those who need.  When you wish to do good, you are also subconsciously wishing that someone be in need.  Instead, God will send you people automatically if they need help but never wish that you could help.  Also help them when  …

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Navratri – Chaitri, Durga stories and meaning.

It has been a while since I am writing.  In the Indian calendar there are 2 navratri – the one we all know about and the other is chaitri.   The regular navratri is usually in October and this is usually in March.  In the regular Navatri which is more widely publicized  people are supposed to …

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Fleas / Worries and Fear

Worries and thoughts are like fleas on a dog. They constantly bite the individual, suck the energy (blood) and torment. It is only when the number of fleas or worries become insurmountable do we see it as a problem. After a while the individual becomes comfortable being a worry wart. In fact they believe if …

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Be careful

I was glad to read Devatma Shakti again.  For the past few months, I had begun to realize different chakras and their distribution of the prana in the body.  I had mentioned earlier that manipur chakra ( the front petals) were associated with the right leg prana.  Later on, more things became clear.  Manipur chakra …

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