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Polarity of Chakras

I have alluded this to a few times in my past blogs.  Every chakra except Sahastrar has a negative downward pole, a consciousness that is directed towards the world.  This is referred to in the Bhagvad Gita as the “Dakshinayana” or lower six months of the calendar.  If a person leaves the body while the chakras …

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Third Eye, Ritambara Pragna

Todays meditation was more at the Manipura chakra.  It was more clear.  Last year, I had written about the experience of being one with the light.  This experience, the portal to enter the Brahmanadi, starts near the Manipur chakra. When I entered there, I had the similar experience as I had being in the tunnel.  …

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Atma or Christ Consciousness

Yesterdays, blog had my experience of the consciousness.  Tonight, I had the same experience but a little deeper Although, the bodily consciousness was not there, at times there was the consciousness of the samadhi, but behind it all, like a silent witness, there was the consciousness of the self. A silent witness, without any reaction!  …

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