A beacon!

Every human being is a beacon!  They are constantly emiting and transmiting vibes which attracts the universal vibrations which translate into karam.  This has been said by Patanjali, Mirdad and all great souls.  Every thought we have becomes a nidus which attracts similar universal vibrations.  One should constantly, no matter what and no matter what conditions always wish well !  This wishing well, should be from the inner most core of our being. 

Patanjali said ” An action may be done, thought of, or be done through someone else, but the resuls are the same”  According to Mirdad, every thought we have, circles around the world till it comes back to us in some form or the other. 

I now see, every so often, people as a beacon. What I see leaving them are the prana or subtle emanations which are constantly beaconing universal vibrations and we suffer the consequence.

A few more thoughts on deep meditation.

1)  When one truly goes to the deepest region of meditation (the horizontal progress), we finally reach the causal body.  How do we know we have reached the causal body?  There are a few signs.  One, the whole body becomes full of light.  It is as if the light from above engulfts the body.  Secondly, the true spiritual sounds of the vina, flute, gong bell all seem to be outside of us, not within us!  Third, there is unexplained joy – the anandmay kosha.  This joy is not the joy or pleasure coming from ego of having achieved something.  Fourth, the consciousness is fully turned inward and upward.  As a result thereof, the beginning of Samadhi starts.  One is able to shut of all external sounds etc at will.  Fifth, at this level, we have opened all our wealth of karmas.  Anyone who thinks bad of us takes away our bad karma and anyone who thinks good of us takes away our good karma.  We care for nothing, want nothing, and not a shred of possessiveness is left in any of the cells of the body

This is why, there was not a drop of water for 12 years in Mewar (Mewad).  The unfortunate people of Mewar could not appreciate Mirabai and looted all of her karmas!.  This is why in part, it is a great blessing that such advanced souls stay away from public life.  We in our limited intelligence will never be able to appreciate or be grateful to these higher beings.  Our disrespectful actions are often frowned upon by Shankar Bhagway and ordinary beings often end up paying dire consequences. 

My first experience of the causal body, rather my first vision of the causal body was at the funeral of Gautamkaka.  What does it look like and mind you it was merely a vision.  The causal body consists of the Sahastrar with the brahmanadi.  For a more detailed decription, the reader is urged to read God talks with Arjuna by Paramhansa Yogananda.

Now reaching the causal is easy.  It takes about 30 seconds or less.  This is what Dineshuncle often referred to as reaching the middle of the ocean!  Once there, one can truly say and feel oneself established in Yoga.  Once you reach that state, nothing can uproot it.  According to Aurobindo and Mother, this state is when there is reversal of the consciousness, or emergence of the psychic with complete emergence from the mental, vital and physical.  In the bible this state is referred to as being born again.  As it is said, verily verily I say unto thee that until a man is born again, he cannot go to the kingdom of God.

Once this reversal is complete, once we are deep in the causal body, it is easy to experience and visit the different heavens !

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