January 2010 archive


Last night, I was at the movies.  I was curious if I could go into meditation without pranayama.  I would close my eyes, do the Jyoti mudra (without using my hands) and immediately the prana would flow back from my hands and start moving within to the Brahmanadi.  My hanands and feet would become numb.  …

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Third Eye, Ritambara Pragna

Todays meditation was more at the Manipura chakra.  It was more clear.  Last year, I had written about the experience of being one with the light.  This experience, the portal to enter the Brahmanadi, starts near the Manipur chakra. When I entered there, I had the similar experience as I had being in the tunnel.  …

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General thoughts

Spiritual Books can be writte in 4 ways 1) Pure fantasy or fiction 2) Books which are a compilation of information (I hate to use the word knowledge because true knowledge of God is only when one has experiened him) from a variety of books.  Often times authors dont give credit to their source except …

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