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A modern story of Ganesh – failure of the mind

In 1995 there was a huge story circulating through out India. Ganesh and his idol is alive and drinks milk https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.thewire.in/article/religion/ganesh-milk-miracle-1995-sangh-parivar/amp Here is one of the link What happened was some devote had milk too the idol. ( Left it on a container near Ganesh idol). And the milk disappeared! The news spread like wild …

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How do you know your mediation was correct??

Everyone thinks they meditate well. Even perfect. They feel joy because they fell asleep But that is not mediation There are a few things Sushumna opens. That is the first step. Now that it is open, your prana can turn within and ascend the staircase to heaven How do you know your prana ascended This …

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Be nice

“Every time you think good thoughts, the Kundalini begins to move upward. Every time you hate people or hold harsh thoughts about them, the Kundalini automatically moves downward. When you love others selflessly, or think kind thoughts about them, it moves up the spine. “Kundalini Is not awakened by techniques alone.” ~ Paramhansa Yogananda Seems …

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