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Last minute

If you keep your mind with God, you will be Free…….. When desires come,be guided by wisdom, not by whim or stubbornness. If you can control your senses and keep your mind with God, you will be free. But if, on the last day when the time comes to go to the Heavenly Father, the …

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Someone posed a question – the blogs of top secret shakti and a big book – are they contradictory? I described in detail about awakening of shakti. The long course with multiple levels of awakening But in the next breath I say all you need is silence the mind and what is left is pure …

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Top secret – Shakti

Since this is top secret – my description will be very incomplete too So, if you are a con artist and want to impress a lot of people or your a magician, and you want to fool people, what do you do? You create an aura of mystery, let the audience fill in the gaps …

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