Information versus experience

The reason that God remains unknown to millions who worship Him in temples and churches, and in holy cities and places of pilgrimage, is that the physical instruments of knowledge can apprehend only the products of the Creator; Divinity Itself is perceived by the supramental faculty of intuition, the soul’s God-given power of knowing truth.

When mental restlessness is stilled and the consciousness is interiorized, in touch with the soul, the God-revealing intuitive faculty is awakened.

~Paramahansa Yogananda

Practice the truth you hear and read about, so that it is not just an idea but a conviction born of experience.

If reading books on theology satisfies your desire for God, you have not grasped the purpose of religion.

Do not settle for intellectual satisfaction about truth. Convert truth into experience, and you will know God through your own Self-realization.

~Paramahansa Yogananda
“Man’s Eternal Quest”

Two great quotes. A reminder to meditate and develop intuition from mediation

Why does meditation help develop intuition?

One the mind is still. When the mind is more still intuition- a sudden flash and then a vision of what will happen occurs

The other reason is there is a sequence of unfolding that occurs with intuition.
It is just a thought. It is something that develops slowly with opening of the Brahmanadi

Opening of the Brahmanadi – is the only way to be with God. It is the tunnel people talk about with near death experience. It opens during death ( and a few other times) and during mediation. If during mediation it has not opened, then one must try harder. Until it fully opens, intuition is not developed. Nor is the contact with God complete. Even after opening it takes many layers to reach there So don’t imagine the deep Slumber joy as a sign of profound meditation

How do you know that Brahmanadi is open?
Joy, tremors, feeling dizzy, loss of consciousness, seeing light in a tunnel, seeing light and both nostril are open. The last is critical some othersome other signs can be misconceived

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