Chidananda Rupa Shivohum Shivohum

From ~~~ Day by Day with Bhagavan, 21-8-46.

Shankara says we are all free, not bound,
and that we shall all go back to God
from whom we have come as sparks from fire.
Then, why should we not commit all sorts of sins?

It is true we are not bound, i.e.,
the real Self has no bondage.
It is true you will eventually go back to your source.

But meanwhile,
if you commit sins, as you call them,
you have to face the consequences of such sins.
You cannot escape their consequences.

If a man beats you, then, can you say,
‘I am free, I am not bound by these beatings
and I don’t feel any pain. Let him beat on?’

If you can feel like that,
you can go on doing what you like.

What is the use
of merely saying with your lips
‘I am free?’

This is a good discussion showing the foolishness of human logic. We use arguments to our benefit when convenient to us.

When not convenient, we twist things

Let’s take the example of COvid 19

Everyone reads the Gita. We know about death, the soul changing bodies like clothes. Don’t lament. But yet, all the great readers and takers of religion walk in fear of the virus and fear of death. Yes be cautious and careful but don’t be paralyzed by fear !
God has tested great saints by taking away their dearest and at that moment are they able to maintain the wisdom of soul and body?

I can say I am not there. But I do pray to God , please never test anyone in this cruel way!

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