June 2020 archive

An interesting story

Nevertheless, because she received much special attention, Radha became filled with pride. So one day the Lord Krishna said to her, ” Let us steal away together.” He played on her vanity, making her think he wanted to be alone with her. She was feeling very happy and favoured. They walked some distance, and Krishna …

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Ashtavakra Gita

Ashtavakra was enlightened. There is a story he was enlightened even before he was born. When in his mothers womb, his father would recite the vedas and shlokas and would make mistakes. Ashtavakra would wince and his body would twist in mothers womb. So when he was born, he had 8 parts of his body …

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Positive thinking

One of my uncle, Dineshkaka always emphasized positive thinking He has been instrumental in guiding me in my spiritual path throughout In this day and age failure in many tasks is common. However like Yogananda, he Always insisted on positive thinking. So even if you repeated fail to ride a bicycle, do we not try …

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