Satsang part 2

Regarding Arjuna’s query to Krishna, it can be said that people misuse the coercive power of habit to perform evil, while they should use that force only to perform good. Ignorance, lack of watchfulness, want of discretion in selecting right actions, and carelessness in choosing proper friends often entrap a person in a quicksand of bad habits that draws him down against his will. The influence of constant association is usually stronger than that of judgment or will power. Good or bad company is more potent than one’s inner resistance. The devotee who has noticed this fact might be moved to ask: “Why is it, Lord that saints so easily act nobly, while wicked persons seem to be forced to act malevolently?”

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
3 : 36, God talks with Arjuna,
The Bhagavad Gita

Here, Yogananda Maharaj gives us the necessary ingredient to change our habits. Lets say you like alcohol. Or you have the tendency to get depressed or anxious or angry. You want to get rid of it. You can hear a thousand lectures and say to yourself you will not get upset but it wont work. And then you resort to medications or other means. Now I am not against medications but dont you want to change your mind also, so you never have those issues in future births? So here are the steps Yogananda Maharaj gave

  1. Stay in the company of those who have the positive habits. If it is alcohol, stay in the company of those who never drink. If it is anger or anxiety stay in the company of someone who is always at peace. Watch them, Be with them. Steal their positive aura and leap forward
  2. Be aware of your own emotions. You will not conquer it immediately. It takes time. Your best friend is having patience and faith
  3. The inner urge to change must be there. Not having that is ignorance. That is something someone else cannot give you. I have talked with people who have anxiety, and their answer is, oh this is my personality. It cant be changed. Its God fault he gave me this personality. Here their own ego clouds their ability to accept their own bad habit. Who can help them? No one
  4. Deep meditation. This can achieve step 1 and 2. Very quickly. Once you are within, use the peace and light of God to penetrate every cell of your body. Of course, this sounds like poetic words, and it is poetic words,unless you learn the art of true meditation. If there is any question,that one should constantly ask, is how can I calm my mind, how can I meditate. Now someone may tell you the steps but you will not be able to absorb all the steps for a while. Not to worry. Be patient. At some point it will click.

There are many layers to learning meditation. You need constant advise to pass through all the steps. Some steps can cause damage to the body if not done properly. (Truly). Thats why Gurus refuse to give secrets in the open and they are satisfied with having 3 or 4 disciples. The rest may follow but unable to grasp the true meaning, they go to other Gurus very quickly when their Guru takes Samadhi. I have seen many such weak disciples. Sad for them

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