If you have a mind that absorb everything like blotting paper, you must keep that mind free from evil influences. Just as a blotting paper that has become soaked with split oil will no longer absorb water, so must your mind first be saturated with good until it becomes impervious to evil.
Be strong in your own goodness, and try to be helpful to others. The man who only looks out for for himself and his own family won’t find much happiness. If he doesn’t think of anyone else who might be suffering, he denies himself the joy of helping another, so his own cup of satisfaction will remain small. Money means to me just one thing, that: I can use to do good and help others.
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
The Divine Romance. P.114

So, it is very clear that one must constantly be in the company of good people. The best is to be in the company of those who are liberated. Just in their company, the constant radiant aura that glows around them changes everything in the world. It may not happen quickly by our standards but it is very quick based on the cosmic time standards.

Nowadays there is a huge shortage of such liberated people. Maybe there are a few (one or two) that are in public. So even if you cant be in their company then being in the company of benevolent people is helpful

The next few sentences should strike fear. Almost all people in the world are heavily vested in doing good for their family. Very few constantly immerse themselves in doing good for others. There are many in need. What you do, for your family is not anything extra ordinary. It is a self chosen responsibility. You must fulfill it. If you wish to have major happiness in future life, financial security, do good for others. If you go back and see the lives of Ambani, you can see the trail of how their past deeds brought money. Unfortunately, it will be impossible for them to continue those deeds for future lives

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