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Lord Ganesh was extremely kind and compassionate towards me.  Last night, like I normally do, every so often when I wake up from my sleep samadhi, I immediately go back to a chant or mantra.  I kept on chanting Hanumanji and for the last 2 hours before I woke up, all I could see was …

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Name of God and other miscellaneous experiences

Today, we were reciting Sunderkanda.  Now, in the version of Sunderkanda as recited by Ashwin Pathak, in some of the shlokas he follows it by Shree Rama Sharnam mama.  However, he speaks Ramaa instead of the traditional Rama without an aa at the end of m.  The normal and real pronounciation is M with an …

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I have always been very curious of what and how Gurudev helped Mataji at the time of her demise.  A book was written by Dahyabhai Patel when Mataji passed away.   Gurudev was disgusted with the book and he threw the book away. The reason for his disgust was because the book had absolutely no information …

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