Satsang part 3

There is constant exchange of magnetism between you and your surroundings and people with whom you come in contact. For example, on meeting someone, you may become aware that something is happening to you, you are actually receiving a current from that person. In order to receive another’s magmatism, you must be near him.
When you shake hands with someone, a magnet is created, and you exchange magmatism. If you are more powerful or positive one, you will give the other person your vibrations, but if are weaker, you will receive his vibrations. This explains why people unconsciously like to shake hands of famous men and women.
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
The Divine Romance. P.132

This is the mechanism how someone who is pure and advanced, being Around that person and his words helps us. If you truly wish to make progress , be around such persons.
Now what happens if there are many people around enlightened person? That enlightened person can send very powerful focused vibrations to only one or two persons.

And those people will benefit the most !

That’s why the most powerful thing is Satsang. It changes the world and people

The great sentences of ancient Rishi’s still vibrate in perfect unison with the divine. All you have to do is change and match those words and reaching the divine will be easier

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