Private talks Yogananda

Everything is God. This very room and the universe are floating like a motion picture on the screen of my consciousness…. I look at this room and I see nothing but pure Spirit, pure Light, pure Joy… The picture of my body and your bodies and all things in this world are only rays of light streaming out of that one sacred Light. As I see that Light I behold nothing anywhere but pure Spirit.

-Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
talking to disciples at SRF Asram,
Encinitas, California

I read this somewhere where Yogananda talked about this in a private talk. This has not been published so I cannot verify it.
The question is, does the realized person see the world or divine light?
If we are to believe Ramkrishna, he said to Narendra (later known as Vivekananda), I see God more clearly than I see you!
How is that possible? The look at the light that creates the shadows, and stop focusing on the shadows. But first you must master seeing God in a very very dark room, where no external light can penetrate.
Once you do that, you are approaching the Manas chakra. After that you need a few more decades of flawless hard work.

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